HIV trial gains momentum

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As the world reflects on the number of HIV infected persons from last week’s World Aids Day, authorities say there are more HIV prevention interventions available now than ever before.

37 million people have HIV across the world. Scientists remain hard at work for an HIV vaccine.

A HIV vaccine trial, HVTN 70, was launched a year ago with excitement and hope. The trial will ultimately enroll 5 400 and women at 15 sites, making it the largest and most advanced HIV vaccine clinical trial in the country.

Doctor Nishantha Singh who is the principal investigator for the trial says, “So far, 211 men and women, between 18 and 25, have been enrolled at this site. That’s about halfway to the overall target.”

Singh says all is going well.

Zakir Gafoor tracks each volunteer and keeps them on a regular schedule. “So it’s very exciting times at the moment. The vaccine studies in the community has gained momentum. Participants are now very open minded to participating in vaccine studies. Are well aware of the HIV pandemic and its impact on their lives. Very open and forthcoming on participating in the study so we’re currently at a very exciting place and I foresee it going very well in the next year.”