Residents of Chartwell and Olivenhoutbosch in the northwest of Johannesburg have been warned to be on the lookout for a hippo wandering in the area. The Gauteng Agriculture and Rural Development Department says it is investigating the situation after a number of people posted sightings of the hippo on social media platforms.

Hippos have been known to migrate between bodies of water, but few people are prepared when one of these animals wander across their property.

Photos posted to social media show the large animal walking across a grassy lawn alongside the banks of the Klein Jukskei River in Chartwell, Johannesburg.

Social media is now abuzz about where this unlikely visitor came from, with some people speculating that this may be Harpo, a well-known hippo from Hartbeespoort Dam, who traveled up the river.

Authorities are investigating and people have been urged to stay away from the animal.

Though the hippo has not shown any signs of aggression, it remains a wild animal and could be dangerous if approached.