The Hindu community has condemned the actions of a man who disrupted a Diwali celebration and allegedly made racist remarks and used foul language in Pretoria on Sunday night.

The incident happened at a cultural event which was attended by Indian nationals, diplomats and South Africans of all race groups.

It’s alleged that the man also destroyed fireworks that were being used to celebrate the event.

One of the event organisers, Advocate Ajay Sookla says the man threatened to assault him.

Sookla says, “For half an hour, the people assembled there were bursting fireworks, when all of a sudden out of the darkness approached a man who had totally stormed in and started insulting everyone. I called him to order because there was a large contingent of Indian diaspora present – together with other race groups from the South African society.”

“This man was totally irrational and he used vulgar words. When we tried to rationalise with him, he came to assault me and my sister had to come in between us and prevented this man from assaulting me,” added Sookla.