High police presence on major routes as Easter holidays draw to a close

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The Johannesburg Metro Police Department has urged motorists to continue adhering to road safety measures, saying a high police presence is expected on all major routes as the Easter holiday period draws to a close.

A large number of holidaymakers are expected to travel home from their vacation destinations on Monday.

Gauteng traffic police on the beat:

JMPD Spokesperson Xolani Fihla says there were relatively low traffic volumes in Johannesburg this past weekend.

“What we have seen is relatively low traffic volumes in Johannesburg this past weekend. Most people are making their way back from various destinations; we are expecting high traffic volumes as the day goes by. There is a high level of compliance, especially from motorists on the roads, which is a positive sign that people are taking road safety seriously. There are high visibility patrols being conducted on the main routes and the freeways including the N1, the N3 and N12.”

JMPD has urged motorists to cooperate with law enforcement officers at roadblocks, saying COVID-19 safety protocols will be observed.

Fihla says officers are conducting crime prevention and drunk driving roadblocks.

“Officers are conducting crime prevention and drunk driving road blocks. Officers are checking, not only for road worthiness of vehicles and driver fitness but also checking for illegal substances, stolen or counterfeit goods and illegal/dangerous weapons such as firearms. Also, officers are enforcing the adjusted COVID-19 Level 1 regulations. At roadblocks, when a motorist is stopped, the officer will have sanitation and wearing a mask. They will sanitise the licences just to ensure that safety protocols are maintained.”

Durban traffic

Durban police say several road users have failed to comply with traffic regulations over the weekend.   A high police presence is expected on all major routes as the Easter holiday period draws to a close.

Durban Metro Police Spokesperson Parbhoo Sewpersad, “What we noticed was motorists were making U-turns on a national freeway. We also had taxis broken down on the fast lane of the freeway. Overall, drivers were ill-disciplined on the roads. Pedestrians also were a major contributor of fatalities in the province. There was also distracted driving, or texting and driving and using their cellphones whilst driving.”

Limpopo anticipating increased traffic flow

The Limpopo Transport Department says it is anticipating an increased flow of traffic, mainly of motorists travelling southbound to Gauteng in the afternoon.

The Department’s spokesperson Matome Moremi-Taueatsoala says the traffic volumes are anticipated to increase at the main toll gates along the N1. Moremi-Taueatsoala says traffic officers have been dispatched to various parts of the N1.

“We are expecting traffic volumes to pick up this afternoon around 12, particularly on our major routes, N1 moving south to Gauteng. We are calling on our motorists to be patient with each other particularly at toll gates starting at Capricorn Plaza going to Nyl Plaza where we expect to have a very long queue of vehicles, but above that, we are really requesting motorists to avoid driving on the yellow lane or using other oncoming lanes to try and get to the toll gates. Our officers will be on the ground to try and assist.”