The Hepatitis Foundation of South Africa is looking to educate more people around the disease on World Hepatitis Day on Tuesday.

Viral hepatitis involves the inflammation of the liver that causes a range of health problems.

With this year’s theme being ‘Finding the missing millions’, organisations globally are looking to help about 290 million people who are living with undiagnosed, viral hepatitis.

Founder Tiara Deans says, “World Hepatitis Day, finding the missing millions. It is a serious situation, we need funding, serious funding. We need funding for our foundation, where we can get out into the rural communities.”

“[In] these communities we need to do testing and screenings and we need to find these people. It’s a very dire situation. It’s 4,000 people per day, that’s in the world, that’s a global figure, with hepatitis C in particular. It’s very asymptomatic,” adds Deans.

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