Heavy rains hit Cape Town, strong frontal system expected

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Heavy downpours ahead of Sundays’s strong frontal system expected in Cape Town, have already caused flash flooding in various parts of the metro.

Streets in the CBD, Hanover Park and Goodwood are waterlogged. Wood-and-iron structures at Kosovo informal settlement in Phillipi are partly submerged in water.

Gail force winds have been lashing the Mother City since early Sunday morning. Emergency and rescue personnel are on standby.

A Hanover Park resident says the rain is worst she’s experienced this winter.

“And all this water around us makes our houses cold, I’m a pensioner who doesn’t have someone that can go to the shop for me. I have to find somebody, the flooding is worse this time, now when they’re working on the streets and roads it’s even worse. This is the worst flood we had now,”says resident, Murial van der Merwe.

The weather bureau has warned of heavy rain later today and overnight, with cold conditions and even snow.