Heavy police presence thwarts planned demonstration in Zimbabwe’s capital

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Heavy police presence in Zimbabwe’s capital has resulted in an almost zero turnout for planned demonstrations. Opposition parties had called for anti-corruption demonstrations to take place on Friday.

Government banned and declared the July 31 protests illegal, describing them as an attempt to overthrow the government.

Several people have been arrested at roadblocks set up in different cities in Zimbabwe.

Shops have been closed and there’s hardly been activity in townships with people confining themselves into their houses.

Some people who bravely defied the banning order were arrested. This includes opposition party MDC’s Spokesperson Fadzai Mahere. She had posted a tweet of herself with a placard and wearing a mask outside on the street in her community.

Police seemingly tracked her down and arrested her.

Meanwhile the Minister of Agriculture Perrence Shiri, whose death was COVID-19,  was buried with full honours at the heroes acre on Saturday.

In the video below, some stores in Zimbabwe are closed down