Heatwave has little impact on wild animals: Pretoria Zoo

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The persistent heatwave that is being felt in many parts of the country has little impact on wild animals. This is according to the National Zoological Gardens in Pretoria which houses about 6 000 animals.

Spokesperson Angeline Schwan says the only thing they need to focus on is to make sure the animals have enough fresh and clean water.

Schwan says an estimated 1 000 visitors are visiting the Pretoria Zoo daily despite the current hot weather.

“The heatwave does not affect our animals at all. They’ve access to cool drinking water on a daily basis. We also give them ice dry lollies. We will freeze up fruits and give them as part of an environmental outreach. We give to carnivores or animals that eat meat. So, we do everything in our power keep them as cool as possible.”

The heatwave is set to ease this weekend.

Schwan has cautioned visitors coming to the zoo to protect themselves against the scorching sun and to drink a lot of water.

“People are still coming in and it is very, very busy today (Thursday) and what we can say most is that sun block and have a lot of water to keep you hydrated. People are still coming to visit our zoo.”

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