The Health Department is warning of an upsurge in the coronavirus (COVID-19) infections in South Africa in the next few weeks.

On Monday, 144 264 cumulative cases were recorded and 2529 COVID-19 related deaths were reported.

However, there is concern as the number of recoveries drop to over 48% nationally, which translates to over 70 600 recoveries.

The Health Ministry says it has observed a fatigue that has set in. In South Africans and this translates to a rise in coronavirus infections.

This comes as the number of infections rises by another 6130 in a 24-hour cycle.

The Western Cape has recorded a total of 61 375 cases while Gauteng follows with 39 841, the Eastern Cape 26 195 and KwaZulu-Natal, 9041.

The Department has also warned of a surge in infections in the coming weeks with each province expected to see a rise in cases and preparing hospital beds for the expected influx of patients.




Violating lockdown regulations

On Monday, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize warned that the taxi industry’s decision to violate lockdown regulations amounts to creating COVID-19 death traps.

Mkhize said he is disappointed by an industry-wide decision to fill taxis to full capacity and reopen inter-provincial travel from Monday.

He advised taxi commuters to refrain from getting into overloaded taxis.

“I am very concerned because actually somewhere along the line South Africans need to understand that government is not just making rules we trying to save the nation from rapidly increasing infection its actually very unfortunate because to think now as the numbers are increasing wait for another two to three weeks you are going to see the increase the impact of the filling up of the taxis.”

In the video below, Health Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize updates on COVID-19 situation in SA: