The Hawks in the Eastern Cape are investigating possible charges of human trafficking against the Seven Angels Ministries church at Nyanga village outside Ngcobo.

This after scores of young children and their mothers were rescued by the police from the church following a shoot-out between the police and suspects at the church that left seven dead last week.

Police went to the church to investigate after five police officers were brutally attacked and killed in an attack on the local police station.

“We are investigating if there could be elements of human trafficking in this case because we did rescue young mothers there so we are trying to establish at what age did they give birth to these children and whether there are any elements of trafficking in persons with regards to their condition there at seven angels ministries but at this stage there’s not been an arrest that has been made with that investigation,” says Hawks spokesperson Anelisa Feni.

The Department of Safety and Liaison is urgently seeking a court order to demolish the church. One of the leaders of the church has appeared in the Ngcobo Magistrate’s court following the arrest of several suspects.

“At this stage our investigations are continuing even with regards to the Ngcobo killing, not just the trafficking of persons, so we cannot rule out that there could be more people arrested but at this stage these are the six suspects who have been arrested who have appeared in court as well.”