Harriet Meier

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Harriet has worked professionally as a writer/producer in film and TV for close on 40 years. Born and raised in Windhoek, Namibia, Harriet grew up in a film and radio environment, being involved with productions for German radio, film and television networks from a very early age. After getting a first class matric at the Holy Cross Convent in Windhoek, she joined the SABC in Johannesburg to work in computers and planning just before the launch of television, and then as production secretary in the drama department.

During this time she earned extra money as a freelance entertainment journalist, doing articles for various magazines and newspapers while studying part time for a BA degree in Communication through Unisa and training as an actor at the Johannesburg Academy of Acting. She left the SABC to work for a radio production house, where she learnt the specialised skill of performance writing for audio media.

During this period, Harriet contributed to many Springbok radio productions as a writer, presenter and actor, while also acting in theatre productions, films and TV series. She was also one of the original team who launched the translation and dubbing department of the SABC.

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