The community of Hammarsdale near Durban has expressed frustration over the sudden dramatic hike in the price of bread in the area. This is just one of the after-effects of the looting and vandalism in KwaZulu-Natal this week.

The hike is also a result of a sudden food shortage in the community.

Desperate residents say although the prices are too high, they have no other choice but to pay.

“It is very sad that I now buy bread for R25 instead of R15. After what happened it is hard. We’ve lost jobs, it’s difficult. There is another shop but it is very expensive,” says one resident.

Another says, “R25 is better, ’cause back there it’s R35.”

Meanwhile, sellers say the price of bread is so high because of fuel costs to fetch the bread, and also make a profit.

Mazwi Ntombela says there is a greater need for bread.

“Firstly it’s to make a profit and in our community bread is a need so we make a profit because we buy bread for R15 and sell it for R25. So it’s R10 profit.”

Some people have started anticipating a shortage of food supply: