Police have fired rubber bullets to disperse protesting residents in Carousel View outside Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria. Residents barricaded the R101 route with burning tyres and debris.

They are protesting against the alleged rise in crime in the area, following the killing of 29-year-old man during a business robbery.

Protesters say crime is very high in the area. They’ve also accused police of not fighting crime and failing to make arrests.

“We want the minister of police to come down at Carousel View just because everytime there is shootings, stealing of the plasma and the suspect, at the end of the day, no one get sentenced,” says a protester.

“They entered to my room appointing me with a gun. Also my kids and they pointed them with gun and after they took everything in my house, and then we did call the police. They just took a statement. Even today, nothing has changed,” says another resident.

“We don’t have a back-up because we don’t have police,” says a resident.