Hammanskraal residents complain about water safety

Tap water
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The City of Tshwane has commissioned an investigation to determine whether Hammanskraal’s water is suitable for consumption. This after residents complained that the water could be contaminated with cholera.

The outcome of the investigation is expected to be released on Thursday.

Christina Morudi has been living in Hammaskraal for the past 51 years. She only drinks bottled water, as the tap water has an orange colour and often smells foul.

“It’s been a while since we realised there is a water challenge in Hammanskraal. We haven’t drunk tap water in the past four years now,” says Morudi.

Tshwane Metro warned residents not to consume the water following suspicions of a cholera outbreak in the area.

Selby Bokaba of Tshwane Metro says: “Following allegations that there was a cholera outbreak in the greater Hammanskraal region, we dispatched our environmental officials to test the water. Their test results are expected to be released tomorrow (Thursday).”

But officials at Jubilee hospital have denied the presence of such an outbreak.

The Jubilee Hospital Acting CEO, Dr Olebogeng Modise says: “We have heard complaints of dirty water but we have never had any reported cases of cholera as yet. Remember that cholera is a notifiable disease and we would have notified our stakeholders by now.”

The Water Affairs Department says it is not surprised by the cholera scare.

The outcome of an investigation by Tshwane Metro will establish whether there is any truth to the claims of cholera in the area.