Group of chiefs to appoint regent to Bapedi kingship

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A group of chiefs under the Bapedi Kingdom at Sekhukhune in Limpopo is forging ahead with plans to appoint a regent to the Bapedi kingship. The regent is expected to rule the kingdom until a candle wife is married into the family.

This follows a court judgment by the Polokwane High Court, declaring the appointment of Queen Mother Manyaku Thulare unlawful. The faction of chiefs that are opposing Manyaku Thulare’s role as regent, wants to move ahead to appoint Prince Morwamohube Thulare.

King Victor Thulare III died last year, without having a candle wife and ultimately a successor to the throne.

King Thulare Victor Thulare III Funeral Service 17 January 2021:

Disputes within the Bapedi Kingdom appear to have resurfaced.

The death of King Victor Thulare III opened the floodgates for a battle over succession. A faction comprising chiefs in the royal council, the Bakgoma and Bakgomana, or the elders, recently emerged victorious after the Limpopo High Court ruled in their favour.

The court declared that the appointment of Queen Mother, Manyaku Thulare was unlawful.

The court ruled in favour of those who want to appoint Victor Thulare’s half-brother, Ernest Morwamohube as the heir to the Bapedi throne, until a candle wife is married into the kingdom. The representative of the chiefs is Kgoshi Makoko Sekhukhune.

“We have requested the Magoshis and the Indunas to come and be informed about the judgment which is in favour of the Prince Moroamohube Thulare who will be an heir to the throne until a candle wife is married.”

Sekhukhune says the chiefs strongly believe the appointment of the Queen Mother in March last year was not done in accordance with Bapedi customs.

“No, we are not going to unseat her. She has never been given a seat by anybody else, it is not a matter of unseating someone, it is just that some other people parachute into the position which has never been there. Because thus far, there is a tussle about the throne, there is no one who has been given the power or the mandate by the Bapedi nation. So, I do not think it is a matter of unseating a person because she is not an heir. Thus far she is like everybody else, it is just that she is the mother of the king.”

Meanwhile, some community members in Sekhukhune say the Bapedi kingship legal disputes are weighing heavily on them.

“As Sekhukhune subject I so wish this thing should end because bad for us, even when you are looking for a stand or piece of land, you don’t know where to go because people are fighting.”

Meanwhile, Queen Mother Manyaku Thulare’s faction plans to appeal the judgment.

Traditional leaders under the Bapedi Kingdom in Sekhukhune appoint a regent: