Overberg Fire services says a wildfire that has been raging in the vicinity of Greyton is still a huge threat and will take days to stop.

The fire started last week Wednesday in the Greyton Nature Reserve, next to the town.

Fresh firefighting teams deployed overnight managed to protect the town and no rural structures were lost.

At the peak of the blaze, more than 100 firefighters were on scene.

Overberg Fire Chief, Reinhard Geldenhuys says a case of malicious ignition is being investigated.

“The fire started in the Greyton Nature Reserve next to the town of Greyton. It started due to malicious ignition. We are busy with the fire investigation. The fire spread rapidly up into the mountain. We used aerial resources at that stage to protect the town. From there it spread to a northerly direction to the mountain. Since then, it has been very much a cat and mouse game with the fire over the rugged terrain.”