‘Govt sets up digital forensic capability to support NPA’

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President, Cyril Ramaphosa, says government has set up a digital forensic capability to support the NPA Investigating Directorate, which in due course will be expanded to support law enforcement.

Ramaphosa says legislation has been presented before Parliament to establish the Investigating Directorate as a permanent entity with full investigating powers.

The President was delivering the 2024 State of the Nation Address at the Cape Town City Hall on Thursday.

“Based on the recommendations of the National Anti-Corruption Advisory Council, we are determined to introduce further measures to strengthen our anti-corruption agencies, protect whistle-blowers, regulate lobbying and prevent the undue influence of public representatives in procurement. We will not stop until every person responsible for corruption is held to account. We will not stop until all stolen money has been recovered,”

Ramaphosa says tackling crime is a key priority for government.

He added that South Africans deserve to be and feel safe in their neighbourhoods and in public spaces.

“We have strengthened the ranks of the police through the recruitment of 20 000 police officers over the last two years and another 10 000 in the year to come. An extra 5 000 police officers have been deployed to Public Order Policing. The SAPS has launched Operation Shanela as a new approach to target crime hotspots, which resulted in over 285 000 arrests since May last year,”

Video: President Ramaphosa delivers the 2024 State of the Nation Address