Government working to expedite assistance to flood-affected families in KZN: Mabuza

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Deputy President David Mabuza says the government is trying to increase the speed at which it assists communities affected by the recent floods in KwaZulu-Natal.

Mabuza was answering oral questions in the National Assembly. The floods have left more than 400 dead and dozens more missing or displaced.

He says besides setting up early warning systems to prevent future disasters, the government is committing to assist families who are still housed in community halls.

“I want to assure people of KwaZulu-Natal that government is going to do better to up our pace in resolving issues confronting these families; especially building long-lasting houses for them. Temporary homes are not good for families.”

Deputy President David Mabuzaa answers questions on various issues: 

Mabuza goes on to say that the government will take every precaution to prevent corruption in the rebuilding of flood-affected areas.

“We are going to try our best to ensure no money is stolen. Put risk mitigation plans in place to ensure funds are protected but where there is stealing, we will chase them, arrest them, work smarter, and better so that public resources are safe this time.”