Government sets aside R150m for Ugu district water infrastructure

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Minister of Water and Sanitation, Senzo Mchunu says government has set aside R150-million to address KwaZulu-Natal’s Ugu district’s water challenges.

Mchunu together with members of the National Council of Provinces held the People’s Parliament where they engaged with service delivery issues.

Meanwhile community members packed the Ugu sports and Leisure Centre where they also voiced out their concerns about service delivery issues. As expected the thorny issue of water dominated the first day of the NCOP.

The public did not mince their words telling NCOP members and some ministers saying government has failed to provide them with clean running water.

Community members shared their frustrations about the lack in the provision of water on the south coast of KwaZulu Natal.

One community member lambasted politicians for not following the dictates of the constitution.

He says some politicians disregard and take for granted views and input from communities. “If you do not follow the constitution, nothing works and that is one of partnership I’m here to say, we have solutions we have plans please use us and one of the things that is a real problem in this country is pride, greed and politics. The moment you have a solution and you get someone that is proud or greedy or politicians come in the way then the things stop and we want you please open the door for us let us help you make a success of our community.”

After listening to concerns raised by community members, Mchunu said government will inject money to address the water crisis in the district.

“We will come back with money after we have established the team to work on fixing water challenges. I think the money we can get is not below R150 million it might be more, water is life, it should not matter where one resides.”

NCOP Chair Amos Masondo acknowledged that the province is facing numerous challenges. “The province faces a number of service delivery challenges, there is a need to drive a coordinated approach to improve the level of quality and efficient delivery of basic services. I acknowledge the issues and the research conducted. Let’s  conclude that we should focus on the provision of water and sanitation, the development of water infrastructure, road infrastructure, safety and security and the provision of social services to the communities.”

The NCOP will remain on the south coast for the rest of the week, with President Cyril Ramaphosa expected to attend the sitting later in the week.