Government making strides in the fight against unemployment, poor service delivery and GBV: Ramaphosa

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ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa says government is making strides to fight unemployment, poor service delivery and Gender-Based Violence.

Ramaphosa was speaking during a Good Friday Church service at the Alshaddai Tabernacle International church in Ermelo Mpumalanga.

He has also urged churches to pray for those affected by the floods in KwaZulu Natal.

“Clearly, there is a lot that we need to do in KwaZulu-Natal and some rains are coming down on the Eastern Cape, and we have already lost one person in the Eastern Cape. So, that whole eastern part of our country is affected by climate change. Climate change is the reality and it is now with us. So, we need to be serious about the way we deal with it.”

Ramaphosa says they are working day and night to restore infrastructure and return to normal the lives of the people who are affected by floods in KwaZulu Natal.

“Just as we thought that it was safe to get out of the state of disaster, we had another disaster. A natural disaster descended on our country and particularly on our KwaZulu-Natal province where already we have got close to 395 people who have lost their lives. I went to one family that had lost 10 family members.”

Ramaphosa says he is aware of service delivery issues such as poor roads in towns like Ermelo. He also urged residents to play a meaningful role in the fight against corruption.

Meanwhile, some of the congregants say lack of clean water and constant power cuts are among their serious challenges.

“The problem is that the road infrastructure is collapsing and even in town, you find that there are big potholes and they are a concern to the citizens of Msukalikwa Municipality.”

“Our main problem is the roads are so bad and we don’t have water and electricity in the location. So, it is too much.”

President Ramaphasa also urged citizens to continue complying with the COVID-19 regulations, especially those who will be gathering in large numbers in churches this weekend.

President Ramaphosa attends the Good Friday church service at El-Shaddai Tabernacle Church, Ermelo: