Government lays out rules for inter-provincial travelling

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Inter-provincial travelling will only be allowed under strict conditions amidst Level 4 of the national lockdown regulations, that came into effect at midnight. Travelers have a 7 day window period, and also need to have proof of residence.

For those who travelled to other provinces before the level five lockdown kicked in or had permits to travel to attend funerals of close relatives, are allowed to  return to the province they left from, if there are compelling reasons to return.

This includes those who have to return to work and if you found new job in another province. However once you move back to a province, you are not allowed to travel back and forth or travel during weekends to the other province.

The regulations only allow you to do so if there are compelling reasons by getting a permit to attend the funerals of close relatives.

The workers who commute daily between two provinces for work purposes are allowed to do so but must have a permit to travel.

The statement below outlines the rules of level 4

South Africa has entered into level four of the coronavirus lockdown and people are required to wear masks when they go out in public – among other requirements.

The video below explains the easing of regulations around the movement of people and a slight opening-up of economic activity.