Government has no concrete vaccine rollout plan: Experts

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Some experts say government still has no concrete vaccine rollout plan and is still way off its target of vaccinating healthcare workers.

This as the country heads towards a third wave of coronavirus infections.

This is expected in Gauteng in the next few months.

Five hundred and ten new coronavirus infections have been recorded in South Africa in the past 24-hour cycle bringing the cumulative number of cases to 1 538 961.

Latest COVID-19 infections:

Fifty-five more people have succumbed to COVID-19-related symptoms.

This puts the national death toll at 52 251.

Retired epidemiologist, Dr Jo Barnes says, “Vaccines that are available are better at coping with the variants but you know this is the most difficult virus we’ve ever come across and it just keeps on making more variants. So it will depend also on future variants – the one that is raging through Britain at the moment is 50% more contagious than the previous one. It’s not only what the vaccine can do, it also changes its habits and then becomes more infectious. So, a lot of it we are fighting in the dark, so to speak.”

Below are the latest SA COVID-19 stats:




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