Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan has explained in detail his relationship with former SARS commissioner Tom Moyane. Gordhan is appearing before the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture in Johannesburg.

The hearings will resume Wednesday with Gordhan taking the stand again. Gordhan said earlier that Moyane was supposed to have been accountable to him as the Finance Minister.

He says on a number of occasions, Moyane refused to account to him on an executive level. Gordhan has also told the commission that Moyane made a number of changes to operations at SARS without consulting with him, the main stakeholder.

Gordhan said, “Accountability to the minister means accountability to the minister i.e. you follow simple administrative processes. The second level, you report on the day to day operational results all of which are the annual reports of the revenue service. Tell the new minister this is what is going on and find the first possible opportunity to brief the minister. See if he or she is comfortable with where you’re going. That’s simple accountability.”