Goodhope FM launches “Hype Your Heritage Campaign”

Goodhope FM
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In a first for South African radio, Goodhope FM has launched its “Hype Your Heritage Campaign” at the Castle of Goodhope in Cape Town.

It is aimed at encouraging South Africans to preserve and document their cultural heritage.

There’s concern that the history of some indigenous groups is not being recorded and could be forgotten. The campaign is an online initiative, with input from listeners.

Breakfast show host, Dan Corder says Cape Town has a rich history that must be documented.

“Who are the people that matter to you? What are the places that matter to you. Places in Cape Town like the Claremont Mosque… people like Mark Lottering’s career… like the Luxarama, the Golden Dish, Ashley Kriel, who should be more of a struggle icon than he is today – a complete hero of the anti-apartheid struggle who has not been immortalised online enough. Thousands of people sent in their suggestions of things that really matter to them, we Googled them and we discovered that their stories have not been told in thorough and accessible ways online,” says Corder.

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