GOOD will change status quo: De Lille

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The leader of GOOD, Patricia de Lille, says the Northern Cape could have been a better province had it not been for corruption.

De Lille says the African National Congress (ANC) had 25 years to create jobs, provide better sanitation and roads in the province but has failed. Speaking at the provincial launch of the party in Kimberley, she promised her supporters that GOOD will change the status quo.

“If you look at the conditions of the people living around here, it is disgusting. In our plan, we are only proposing solutions because people are sick and tired of hearing political parties blame each other, even if we do not win I am prepared to share those solutions with whoever that is going to be government after the eighth of May,” says De Lille.

Members of the 11 weeks old GOOD party say they are ready for the national elections.

They believe GOOD will fix the Northern Cape and turn it into a better province:

“If she was in the Northern Cape, she would make a change like she did in Cape Town, that is why we are back to her.”

“Now is the time for the people of the Northern Cape to choose a leader who is a woman.”

“Patricia has entered this space at the right time to make sure that we have a clean government in our country.”

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