To mark United Nations (UN) Day, the organisation has launched a global listening tour to create awareness on the role of the UN in building the future the member states want.

Starting in January 2020, the global body will hold dialogues around the world in the build-up to the organisation’s 75th anniversary in September 2020.

“In an interconnected world and ever-growing number of truly global challenges, that can only be managed or addressed or resolved through international cooperation and at the same time a retreat from the institutions that were set up to address such global challenges and a retreat from the methodology of international cooperation. So, given that contradiction and given the state of the world which at best can be described (as) one of great uncertainty, the Secretary-General hopes to inspire, across the world, a process of reflection on what is the state of the world and where are we drifting and to the extent that we’re not drifting in the direction of meeting global aspirations for a better future as reflected in the 2030 agenda. How can we do a course correction and where challenges, truly global ones, how can international cooperation function better to undertake that course correction,” says Special Advisor on the Preparations to Commemorate the 75th anniversary of the organisation, Fabrizio Hochschild.

United Nation’s Day highlights the enduring ideals of the United Nations Charter adopted on 24 October – 74 years ago.

That was among the key points that UN Secretary-General António Guterres made in a video message released to mark the anniversary of the founding document of the global body.

“Amid stormy global seas, the charter remains our shared moral anchor. At this time of turbocharged change, the UN remains focused on the real problem of real people. We are working on fair globalization and bold climate action. We are pushing for human rights and gender equality and saying ‘No’ to hatred of any kind. We are trying to maintain peace while bringing life-saving aid to millions caught up in armed conflict. The UN itself is becoming even more agile and accountable as we enhance support to countries. Next year marks the Organisation’s 75th anniversary and this milestone is a critical moment to shape our future together. I invite you to join the conversation. Together let us advance the well-being of ‘we, the peoples.'”