Giyani water project to provide residents with water by September: Lepelle Northern Water Board

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The Giyani water project will be providing water to residents in the area and surrounding villages by September.

This is according to the chairperson of the Lepelle Northern Water Board which has been implementing the project.

So far, R3.2-billion has been spent on the project, with an additional R1-billion recently allocated for its completion.

Chairperson Ndweleni Mphephu says: “We are on track as you can see the minister is happy as we promised. We are going to complete this project end of September and we are on track to complete this project in September. All the funds have been made available and we have added more labourers, we have added more resources and this project is ready for completion end of September.”

Meanwhile, Water and Sanitation Minister Senzo Mchunu says progress has been made in water provision since his last visit to Limpopo last year.

Mchunu has embarked on a four-day visit to the province since Monday to monitor the efforts to supply water and sanitation services.

The minister’s visit was prompted by violent protests to demand water provision in Musina.

Last week, residents from Nancefield township burned down municipal offices, a fire station, a municipal truck, as well as other property.

Mchunu says the work of bringing water to Giyani is on track.

“Now work is done we allocated new funds for this, it does not mean that the funds that remain unaccounted for are then a bygone, it is not going to be like that. The investigations are continuing, and we are getting updates on that and in the meantime work of actually bringing water to Giyani is on course and compared to what I first saw when I came here which was a hopeless kind of project. I’m quite happy with the progress.”

Senzo Mchunu visits Limpopo to assess water provision efforts in the province: