Finance Minister Tito Mboweni says the Giyani Water Project in Limpopo is plagued by corruption, adding that those implicated should be dealt with accordingly.

Mboweni delivered his first Medium-Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) in Parliament on Wednesday.

Over five-million people living in villages in Giyani are struggling with water shortages due to the incomplete project.

Earlier, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that he would visit Giyani to deal with the matter.

Mboweni says an alternative delivery and funding model is needed to provide water to communities in Giyani.

“The Giyani Water Project is plagued by malfeasance. It is a cesspool of corruption. It is clear that a new delivery and financing model is required to provide water services to communities. I have requested the National Treasury Director General Dondo Mogajane to work with the Department of Water and Sanitation to ensure that appropriate action is taken against all guilty officials implicated in the Auditor-General’s report,” adds the Finance Minister.