GIWUSA to join national shut down against rising cost of living

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The General Industries Workers Union of South Africa (GIWUSA) alongside other workers’ unions will be embarking on a national march on Wednesday, in protest against the rising prices of essential basic needs.

Giwusa says high increases in the cost of living are continuing persistently without considering the working class and the poor.

Union President and Co-ordinator of the Cost-of-Living Crisis Campaign, Mametlwe Sebei, says many South Africans have expressed their sentiments regarding the high and unbearable cost of living but the government has done nothing about it.

Sebei says, “There’s going to be a national shutdown and what it means is that the majority of the workers are going to be working on that day. We have a certificate that means no worker will be victimised. The strike is protected and people will be protesting across the country. We have a crisis. The working class is being plunged into a depth of poverty that is unsustainable for the great majority of the working class.”

“We are all suffering from great increases in the prices of food or energy, of transport so we are saying this country is not working for the great majority of working class but also middle-class people. The Government needs to implement a basic income grant for people who are not employed in this country,” added Sebei.

The video below is reporting further on cost of living being too high and unbearable: