Gigaba says he was not aware the Guptas were looting vast amounts of cash

Malusi Gigaba
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Former Cabinet Minister, Malusi Gigaba, says he was not aware the Gupta’s were looting vast amounts of cash and had captured various state-owned entities while he was minister at three different government departments.

He made the remark while testifying at the State Capture Commission in Johannesburg.

Yesterday, director of investigations at Shadow World Investigations – Paul Holden – told the commission the state spent close to R60 billion in state capture contracts. The bulk of those contracts went to the Gupta-linked enterprises.

Gigaba was questioned by the commission earlier on Wednesday about how the looting could have happened while he was the minister in charge. He blamed regulated reports and the lack of involvement from ministers in contract awarding.

“The reports therefore even when the financial annual reports talk about irregular and fruitless expenditure you would then ask the entity through the board at the AGM and the auditors would have asked them and it will not bring out the issues which amount to these alleged R57 billion so that you can then say wait a minute let me look into this. How has this money left, where did it go to?”

Gigaba’s assertions in the audio below: