Gift of the Givers are still providing relief efforts in the Garden Route town of George for both humans and animals affected by Monday’s heavy rains which led to flash floods.

Several animal shelters have been assisted, including Oudtshoorn Dogs in Need (ODIN), where around 250 cats and dogs had to be evacuated.

The humanitarian organisation dropped off much-needed food and blankets for the animals.

The donation was welcomed by ODIN head, Colleen Smith.

“The dogs [were] swimming in the water, the cats were sopping was a nightmare. We had to get the townsfolk and also the SPCA who came to help us take some cats away. We had to request fostering. The entire Garden Route came together. They brought food, they came to fetch dogs and cats and then, of course, we got all these beautiful donations for food and blankets,” says Smith.


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One person died in the flash floods in the Garden Route region of the Western Cape