Gift of the Givers arrives in Indonesia for rescue mission

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Gift of the Givers’ Humanitarian mission to Indonesia got off to a slow start on Friday amid delays at customs in South Africa.

Indonesian officials say more than a thousand people could still be missing after last week’s devastating earthquake and tsunami. Officials had previously estimated that around 100 people were missing.

Meanwhile, power has been restored to some shops and banks have reopened in the worst affected city of Palu.

More than 1500 people are confirmed to have died, but the total is expected to rise.

15 search and rescue volunteers from South Africa, including 5 journalists, arrived in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta in the early hours on Friday.

However critical life saving cargo is still held up at the O. R. International Airport in Kempton Park, Gauteng.

SABC Correspondent Njanji Chauke is on the ground.

As Indonesia reels from two Earthquakes in a space of two months, South Africans have opened their hearts and wallets through a humanitarian mission spearheaded by KwaZulu-Natal based NGO, Gift of the Givers.