Former President of the Republic of Ghana, John Mahama has called for an end to visa travel requirements between African countries. He delivered the keynote address at the Pan African Conference in Durban on Wednesday.

Hundreds of people , including learners and African dignitaries, have gathered at the Moses Mabhida Stadium for the conference.

“Only 11% of our trade is estimated to be amongst African countries, the rest of our trade is directed outside the continent. If we implement this protocol that will allow us to open the borders, remove the tariffs and be able to move goods across our borders freely.”

He says the African continent has not broken its Western colonial influence and this is detrimental to the preservation of African knowledge systems.

An inter-generational gap between young and old, cited as a cause for concern. Western influence believed to be the source. Leading to a further disconnect with those who carry the knowledge of the continent and those who need to take it forward.

“The question is, have we as people shaken off the shackles of Western European control and influence? The answer is no, we have not,” argues Mahama.

The sharing of resources and knowledge between countries in the continent will also improve the sustainability of African dignity and value systems.

Robust discussions around advancing African ideas continues on Thursday, former AU Chair Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma is expected to address the conference on Thursday. -Reporting by Sbongakonke Mbatha