Getting people to vote for ANC will be extremely difficult: Mashatile

Paul Mashatile
Reading Time: 2 minutes

African National Congress (ANC) Treasurer-General Paul Mashatile has conceded that convincing the electorate to vote for the party in next year’s local government elections will be extremely difficult.

He was speaking during a campaign trail in Clairwood, west of Durban, on Friday.

Mashatile has warned that high unemployment as a result of a crippled economy due to the COVID-19 pandemic and corruption could result in voter apathy.

“Most definitely I think we going to move to a very difficult campaign. People have lost jobs and there has been a big outcry of corruption. We have to assure people that we are addressing these issues not, not even during the elections. But as we speak now we have plans, we are addressing the problem of unemployment; we are addressing the problem of corruption.

People want to see action. We can talk a lot put up posters, but unless people see that we are doing something. It will be very difficult elections, difficult to convince people but because we have plans I think we will be able once again to give people confidence.”