Protecting women and children will once again be in the spotlight this August. It’s Women’s Month and every year there’s focus on persistent problems women encounter and the alarming gender-based violence statistics.

Many events will pay tribute to the sacrifice women made in ushering in democracy in our country.

Constitutional Court Judge Margaret Victor says gender inequality is still a big problem. She says women continue to be ignored for key roles and decision-making positions.

“We will never be free until every woman is free. Many of us have reached our professional pinnacle, but at the same time, we must remain critical thinkers. We must not be quiet until the scourge of sexism and patriarchy is over we also think of the scourge of gender-based violence in our country. Our felt pain for those who live and face brutal violence day after day.”

Victor was speaking at a Women’s Month webinar to acknowledge women in the Law sector. The event was organised by global risk solutions firm Lexis Nexis.

Its South Africa’s CEO Videsha Proothveerajh says companies must do their bit to empower women. “We are doing all we can to ensure that women are well represented in sectors of the company. It is important to bring about change and equality to women particularly young women.”

August is the month dedicated to highlighting the difficulties women in our country face like gender-based violence and inequality.

Judge Victor says women must remain resolute, “We may think we are defeated at this time. But one day we will experience victory. We are not defeated as women but we can and must do better. Every woman has God-given power and courage. If we do not do everything to change things, all will remain the same. We must revitalize our efforts, we must turn towards one another and work together.”

President Cyril Ramaphosa will on Sunday deliver his Women’s Day speech. This year’s theme is realising women’s rights for an equal future. The day pays tribute to the heroic women who in 1956 marched to the Union Buildings to protest against the draconian pass laws.

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