Gazankulu Liberation Congress launches its manifesto in Giyani

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The Gazankulu Liberation Congress (GLC) party launched its manifesto in Giyani in Limpopo today. The party, which was formed in 2017, will contest municipal elections for the first time on 1 November.

GLC’s President, Wilson Seseni, was on the campaign trail in Giyani where he also launched the party’s manifesto.

The party will contest municipal elections in 31 wards in Giyani, and in 35 wards in the Collins Chabane Local Municipality.

Seseni says they have also registered PR councillors in the Mopani and Vhembe district municipalities.

Seseni says they will provide water and ensure that roads are accessible if voted into power.

“We are going to serve people with pride and we will make sure that equal opportunity is displayed to everybody in the country regardless of colour race or gender. Launching a manifesto is a commitment that you do exactly what you’re mandated to do. The mandate is very simple. The mandate says give us services, quality services. We will deliver water. We will make sure that roads are accessible.”

Seseni says they will only contest in the Mopani and Vhembe district municipalities.

“We were supposed to contests all the municipalities in the country. However, because this is our first municipal elections, we will only contest Vhembe and all the wards in the municipalities and also the Mopani District where I am the mayoral candidate. We will contest Giyani in all the wards and Maruleng and Letaba. People must go all out in their numbers and vote for GLC, because that’s very key. It’s very fundamental.”

The party was formed in 2017 and contested the 2019 national elections, where it received 7 000 votes.