Gautrain workers lower demands as strike continues

Parked trains
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Striking Gautrain workers have lowered their basic salary demand from a 10% increase to 9% plus an incentive. The strike which entered its second week has seen Gautrain operating a reduced service.

The negotiations are now been facilitated by the CCMA.

Gautrain operating company, Bombela has been offering workers an 8.5% salary increase and other benefits.

Gautrain is still operating a reduced service as the strike continues in its second week.

Spokesperson for the workers’ union UNTU, Steve Harris, says a solution to the strike is needed soon.

He says: “We are on day 10 now and there is still no solution in the horizon and the union constituents had dropped their demand yesterday to 9% across the board and an incentive of R15 000 and the company has not responded as yet. We again call on the company to respond and we hope and trust we will find a solution in the near future.”

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