Gauteng provincial commissioner fired

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The South African Police Union (SAPU) has confirmed that Gauteng Provincial Police Commissioner, Deliwe De Lange, has been asked to vacate her position at the end of this month. There has been no reason been given for her removal.

In a newspaper interview De Lange confirmed that national police management had instructed her to vacate the post.

De lange has been Gauteng Provincial chief since March 2016.

SAPU’s  General-Secretary, Oscar Skommere has expressed shock over the move.

“We believe that there must be amicable on these things… Where let’s say De Lange did not perform, there must be a process which was to be embarked on to take her through, in terms of you know, either failing to take Gauteng forward in terms of the crime and so forth… and we are saying if there is a process of bringing the top heavy structure of the police to the ground, they must sit in a boardroom with us to take us through how they are going to do it.”