Gauteng plans to inoculate 10.4 million people against coronavirus: Makhura

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The Gauteng government has reiterated that it wants to inoculate 10.4 million people in the province against the coronavirus once vaccines are available.

During his State of the Province Address, Gauteng Premier, David Makhura, has warned that the third wave of COVID-19 is possible.

He says the rollout of vaccines must be done with urgency, particularly with winter around the corner. He has urged residents to take the vaccine when the vaccine becomes available.

“Last week, we entered a promising and positive frontier in the battle against coronavirus, with the rollout of the vaccination programme. We intend to vaccinate 67% (10.4 million people) of Gauteng’s population. We call on the people of our province to get ready to vaccinate in large numbers. Vaccines save lives. We must dismiss all the conspiracy theories and fake news. Vaccines do save lives.”

Gauteng Premier Makhura delivers State of the Province Address:

The province has expanded the capacity of the public healthcare system with 4 265 new functional beds and 4 992 posts created and filled between April 2020 and January 2021.

“Another 1 425 beds are in the final stages of being made functional and operational with additional staffing.”

Gauteng Premier David Makhura delivers the State of the Province Address:

GBV and femicide 

The province has also committed to fighting Gender-Based Violence and Femicide by providing five Community Service Centres (CSC) and eleven sedans prioritised for Victim Empowerment Centres.

“The Gauteng Government launched the Gender-Based Violent Brigades programme which facilitates and strengthens survivor-focused, resourced and co-ordinated response to GBV. To date, we have recruited, screened, and inducted 620 GBV Brigades.”

Premier David Makhura says Gauteng has received 16 800 doses for the vaccination of healthcare workers. [Picture by Natasha Phiri]