The City of Johannesburg MMC of Community Development, Councillor Margaret Arnolds will pay her respects at the funeral service of three-year-old Ansia Kheha on Thursday. Arnolds will be joined by Community Safety MEC, Faith Mazibuko.

Ansia’s body was found by a waste picker in a veld in Orange Farm last Thursday. No arrests have been made.

The government is currently embarking on a grass cutting initiative to create safer spaces for children. This includes the area where Ansia’s body was discovered.

In recent weeks, velds and open pockets of land have been used as dumping grounds for the bodies of dozens of women and children.

Arnolds has again urged communities to speak out and break the cycle of abuse.

The number of gender-based violence cases has been continuing since the national lockdown.

Addressing a gender-based violence dialogue on Monday, African National Congress president Cyril Ramaphosa condemned the surge in the cases. He urged young men to take part in fighting the scourge, also calling for harsher measures to deal with the perpetrators.

In the video below, Orange Farm residents want justice for the murder of the three-year-old: