Gauteng MEC for Health, Bandile Masuku will on Saturday welcome 28 Cuban doctors from the over 200 Medical Brigade who arrived in South Africa last month. They have been deployed to various provinces by the National Department of Health.

Spokesperson for the Gauteng Health Department Kwara Kekana says, “More than 200 doctors from Cuba arrived in South Africa to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. They include doctors, community health and infectious disease specialists, epidemiologists, statisticians and medical technologists, arrived on the 27th of April. The SA government has requested assistance from Cuba to support efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19. The 28 Cuban Medical Brigade will be deployed at various districts in Gauteng.”

Cuban doctors arrive in SA to help fight COVID-19 spread

The medical team arrived last month to assist local officials in stemming the spread of the coronavirus.

The island nation boasts a strong health care system and many students from Africa study medicine in Cuba.

In previous cases of crisis, Cuban doctors were the first to arrive in Africa to help fight Ebola.

Mpumalanga Health Department welcomes Cuban doctors

Earlier this week, the Mpumalanga Health Department welcomed a team of doctors from Cuba. The province is ready for the medics to work.