Gauteng government pays compensation for deaths of two boys drowned in quarry in Mamelodi

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The families of the two children, who drowned in a quarry at a road construction site at Skierlik informal settlement in Mamelodi last year, have been compensated by the Gauteng government.

This follows a year-and-a-half-long battle championed by ActionSA to ensure that justice is served for the negligence of the Gauteng Government and its contractors.

The quarry is along the K54 road and forms part of the N4 highway extension project.

It’s been eighteen months since the tragic deaths of seven-year-old Siyabonga Mabila and four-year-old Laurence Moore, who drowned whilst swimming in this water-filled quarry.

The quarry had been excavated by contractors working on roads in the area and was left unfenced.

After the tragedy, ActionSA appointed a team to investigate the incident. The government was found to be negligent and reached a settlement with families.

Today they revisited the area for the handover of the settlement agreement.

The families’ spokesperson Deon Moore says they would like to thank everyone who has been supporting them throughout this battle.

“This outcome won’t bring the lives that were lost but we are thankful for all the support we have received,” Moore says.

The amount of the compensation wasn’t disclosed. Action SA leader, Herman Mashaba says the party will continue to hold the government accountable for any loss of life due to its negligence.

“The compensation is in monetary form, however, the amount won’t be disclosed as no amount of money will equal the lives lost and this is for the protection of the families,” Mashaba explains.

The two boys added to the growing list of children who lost their lives by drowning in rivers or falling into uncovered manholes and construction sites across the country.