A playground mystery has left a grieving family baffled; seven-year-old Vuthlari Khubisa was found unresponsive at Mayfair Convent Primary school’s playground. The family says the school is unable to explain what happened to their son.

Vuthlari was found face down when his mother went to pick him up after school. His aunt, Jeanette Khubisa, says that when the mother found him, he wasn’t breathing.

“She went in at ten past five and called out my son’s name and Vuthlari’s name. Only my son, Bonene, responded and came toward her and she asked him ‘where is your brother’ and he pointed in the opposite direction and they went in that direction. They found Vuthlari lying face down next to the bin and they tried to shake him, but he didn’t respond. They flipped him and found his mouth and eyes half open and he wasn’t breathing.”

The family rushed him to a nearby hospital where Vuthlari’s injuries baffled even the doctors. The family turned to the school for answers. Jeanette Khubisa says that the doctor treating Vuthlari said that he had internal bleeding.

“When the doctors were treating Vuthlari, they found him to be bleeding. He had internal bleeding from the stomach so they were concerned saying what could have caused it because it was fresh blood. That’s when I went to the school. I had a meeting with the principal and the social worker then I told them that the doctors are concerned because they are treating what they don’t know and what actually happened to the child. To my surprise, they had not done any interviews.”

After two weeks in a coma, Vuthlari succumbed to his injuries. A month later, the Vuthlari family is still in the dark. Gauteng Department of Education Spokesperson, Steve Mabona, says that they have decided to launch an investigation.

“What happened at that school in Mayfair is quite mysterious because the information at our disposal actually does not help to come to a conclusion as to what might have transpired. Hence, we have decided to launch an investigation that will go in detail.”

When the SABC contacted the school, the principal Ms Bailey would only say she had given all the facts to the Department of Education. Without answers Vuthlari’s mother, Manna Khubisa, has been admitted to hospital for depression.