Gauteng election-related arrests rise to 20

A suspect is arrested and handcuffed.
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The Gauteng Police Commissioner, Tommy Mthombeni, says the number of election-related arrests in the province has risen to 20. He says cases include members of the public who took pictures of the ballot papers after casting their votes. This is prohibited.

There was chaos in Katlehong, east of Johannesburg, during the voting process. This resulted in police firing rubber bullets to control the situation. Mthombeni says no one was injured.

“As the community in the surroundings of the voting station, some of the people, I would say, had pitched a tent. The tents were a hundred meters away from the voting station, and some of them were playing high volume music. Then, some of them had a confrontation against each other. So, the police had to come in and restore order in terms of public disorder,” Mthombeni says.