A gas explosion in the north of Johannesburg on Saturday evening has left the nearby community rattled. The accident happened around 18h40 at Ikhona Gas Pro, on Malibonge Drive in North Riding.

Emergency Services are trying to assess the condition of the men at the scene of the explosion.

One of the men, whom his colleagues referred to as Lucky, says he was filling gas when they noticed that there was an alleged leak. Lucky seemed visibly shaken from the accident. A third worker had visible burns on his face and was being attended to by paramedics.

Lucky says no one else was at the scene besides the three of them.

Security personnel have cordoned off the area. (Photo: Dinilohlanga Mekuto)

Emergency services are assessing their condition before deciding where to take the injured men.

Residents in the area have also commented on the explosion on social media: