Gary Player Invitational declared a success

Gary Player
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The 2018 Gary Player Invitational played at the Lost City Golf Course in Sun City has been declared a success.

On the last day of the event, the South African golf legend, Gary Player, made a call to the South African government to work on promoting tourism. The event attracted businessmen and personalities that donated over R2.5 million for the Player Foundation’s beneficiaries.

The legendary golf player appreciates the efforts of those who graced his annual event in Sun City.  However, he is concerned about the ills that have engulfed the country and he made a call to government to sort out immigration issues.

“All these players, businessmen and celebrities who came here are going to go back as good ambassadors for our country. That’s what we need. We have got to change a lot of our laws on tourism, encourage visas, make it easier, get rid of crime, then we will have massive amounts of tourists.”

The curtain has come down on the sixth and last of the annual Gary Player Invitational events across the globe.

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