G7 leaders meet as world faces record inflation, major food crisis

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Against the backdrop of the Bavarian Alps, G7 leaders have come together at a critical time in world affairs. Record inflation, a cost of living crisis, and a brutal war in Ukraine are dominating the agenda.

President Cyril Ramaphosa leads South Africa’s delegation to the talks – a guest of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. He joins India, Indonesia, Senegal, and Argentina on the special invite list.

Ramaphosa says the talks offered an opportunity to advocate not just on behalf of SA, but the African continent as a whole.

President Ramaphosa arrived in Germany on Monday:

Major food crisis

Aid organisations have warned that the world is on the cusp of a major food crisis – with some 25 million tonnes of grain currently stuck in Ukraine – much of which was destined for Africa.

Anti-poverty campaigner Edwin Ikhuoria says he hopes leaders are listening to the warnings.

“Enough of words! Let’s put the plans, the vision, and the resources to bring the action. Where is global solidarity? Why is the urgency to deal with the security situation, why is that same urgency not dealing with the food security! That is my question to them – and I hope they can actually answer that sincerely!”

One of the main points of contention surrounds the idea of prioritising food over fuel. The UK is leading a push to temporarily reduce the production of Biofuels – petrol which is made using crops like corn and sugarcane and redirecting those crops towards food stocks instead. But the US disagrees, saying it will further push up fuel prices.

As those diplomatic discussions take place high in the mountains – on the ground, the UN is warning that 450 million people in the world don’t have enough to eat, and that number is growing by the day.

A stark reminder of what’s at stake as the eyes of the world look to this Alpine village for answers in a period of growing uncertainty. -Reporting by Trent Murray