FW De Klerk’s stance on apartheid sparks condemnation

De Klerk
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There seems to be no end to the “controversy” sparked by former president FW De Klerk’s  appearance in parliament during President Cyril Ramaphosa’s SONA speech on Thursday.

De Klerk’s presence at the SONA was rejected by the Economic Freedom Fighter’s (EFF) which claims “he has blood on his hands, pointing out to the despicable crimes that occurred during his reign.

The EFF’s pronouncements were swiftly “dismissed” the next day by an email from the De Klerk foundation which reiterated his stance that apartheid did not constitute a crime against humanity, the words which have become the crux of the debate.

Read the  full below.

In the  clip below, De Klerk disputes the notion that apartheid is/was a crime against  humanity. The SABC News clip was retweeted by EFF  as it’s reason to oppose De Klerk’s presence at the SONA.

Amidst the current debate which also spilled out on social media, the United Nations (UN) confirmed to SABC News that apartheid was a well-established crime against humanity as it meets two key elements of being both widespread and systematic.

Watch the clip below:

Popular voices on South Africa and world issues quickly weighed in on the debate.

Zindzi Mandela, the daughter of former president Nelson Mandela and struggle stalwart Winnie Madikizela Mandela, reflected on the aggression inflicted on her mother and  others during Apartheid:

The African National congress has not released a statement on the issue since the SONA disruption.  However, in no uncertain terms  President Ramaphosa did not credit De Klerk for the release of Mandela in prison. Below is his  quote while delivering Mandela’s 30th anniversary of prison release speech.