Numsa disappointed by Greenpeace statement on renewable energy

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The question that hangs in the balance with the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (Numsa) is the future of green energy.

This as Eskom wants to sign agreements with Independent Power Producers (IPP).  Numsa is now litigating against it.

Numsa says it has been disappointed by Greenpeace’s statement on renewable energy. It says it rejects the fact that the profit motive must dominate in the transition to renewable energy.

The environmental organisation has condemned the court interdict by the union to prevent the signature of 27 contracts with renewable energy Independent Power Producer contracts with Eskom last week.

The Energy Department has denied that a court granted Numsa an interdict against the signing of IPPs and said the court merely postponed the matter to the 27th of this month.

More than half of the envisaged 60 000 jobs the new renewable energy plants will create will come to the Northern Cape.

The Northern Cape is ideal for renewable energy projects. It hosts various solar and wind energy plants and is considered South Africa’s renewable energy hub.

But the highly paid and sought-after skilled labour is imported from as far afield as Spain.

The 27 projects are expected to add 2 300 MW to the national grid from 2020.