The funeral service of struggle stalwart Mandisa Makwetu is under way in Gwatyu Village near Comfimvaba in the Eastern Cape. President Cyril Ramaphosa has accorded her a Special Provincial Funeral Category 2.

Mkawetu was the widow of former PAC president Clarence Makwetu.

She was a political activist of the PAC during the 1970s and her house was used for planning operations and welcoming combatants returning from exile.

Provincial government spokesperson Mvusiwekhaya Sicwetsha says the decision to declare a state funeral is welcomed.

“Premier Mabuyane welcomes President Ramaphosa’s decision to declare a state funeral for Mrs Makwetu, this approval follows the Premier’s application to declare the funeral of Mrs Makwetu in honour of her community activism and the work she did in the liberation struggle. Mrs Makwetu passed on last week her dedication to the people of the Eastern Cape is immeasurable.”

The video below is about Makwetu regarding herself as someone who served African people: